Druid Chain
Druid Chain is a proof-of-stake blockchain being developed to source, record, and report millions of unique and authentic environmental, social, and governance data points to link and embed with global impact & ESG investments.
Brief History

Druid Chain is the culmination of 7 years of work at the WhiteBox Platform. This initiative brings together subject matter experts, academia, and engineers to research and develop tools and technology for identifying environmental and social impact and risks to projects and investments.

In addition, through Sipher WhiteBox, a team that participated in the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto, which worked to integrate blockchain and machine learning technology.

Future of ESG

Druid Chain is an important evolution and innovation in the ESG space, as investors, regulators, and the public call for increased assurance (transparency and honesty) of impact claims to mitigate against greenwashing.

The extension of ESG into complex supply and value chains makes reliable sourcing of diverse impact and risk data a crucial challenge to solve.

Moreover, a leap in ESG intelligence is required to improve how, when, and where investments are made to tackle the most pressing global challenges.

Use Cases
Blockchain or distributed ledger technology and its use is evolving, and people are finding new and better ways to utilize it to enhance their existing technology stack. We are bringing this technology to the ESG space at Druid Chain to improve transparency and implement regulatory standards and internationally recognized frameworks to further improve the trust between all stakeholders.
Druid Chain will be used to source and record real-world impact data from satellites, sensors, and people to embed with impact investments and products to ensure auditability and transparency.
Druid Chain can be leveraged as a 3rd party platform to monitor and report ESG data for traditional impact investments: green bonds, ESG funds, and carbon credits.
From carbon credit to green/impact bonds and ESG/impact funds, Druid Chain is building a protocol to tokenize them in accordance with laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.