Druid Oracles are an extension of Druid Chain, which allows real-world ESG data to be ingested and recorded with high fidelity, veracity, and auditability.

Whether from satellite imagery, remote sensors, or on-the-ground social feedback, the Druid Oracles transforms raw unstructured data into meaningful impact information for metrics and dynamic reporting on the state and performance of real-world assets.


Druid Oracles implement one part of the Druid Data Protocol, which provides structured data at the start of the data journey, so ESG impact and risks can be analysed in a meaningful way.

Internet of Things

Using Druid Chain's Lightning Client, IoT sensors and edge devices are able to deliver the necessary data to the Druid Chain via the Druid Data Protocol in the most secure and efficient way possible.

Machine Learning

Through Druid Chain, Druid Oracles connect with machine learning processes to perform analysis, reporting and real-time monitoring of ESG data.

Oracles fulfil the role of a Claim Generator in the Druid Data Protocol. The general use case is to push data to the Druid Chain via the Druid Data Protocol from various sources such as:
IoT Sensors
The key to providing accountability to impact projects is to gather and store data from various sensors which measure environmental data for analysis.
Community Members
From surveys to direct feedback from local communities, collecting and recording these insights is crucial to understanding the needs and concerns of the local population.
Automated Processes
Data on its own is sometimes inconsequential without thorough analysis. Reports can be generated to clarify the dataset by ingesting the data via automated processes.