Blockchain Network
Druid Chain is a decentralised protocol built on Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core and IBC Protocol. Our vision is to create the required digital infrastructure to assist in the development of the sustainable financial system.
Proof of Stake

The consensus mechanism is one of the key differences between the leading blockchain networks and Druid Chain. Druid Chain uses proof of stake, which needs roughly 2 million times less energy than the Bitcoin network's proof of work consensus mechanism.


One of Druid Chain's mandates is to be net-zero from day one. To ensure this, the entire blockchain network will be deployed only in data centres powered by renewable energy — this would be a unique accomplishment for a blockchain network.


Speed and high transaction rate are critical for high-frequency impact data ingestion from a myriad of distributed sources. Druid Chain has the capacity to handle upwards of 10,000 transactions per second. With this, Druid Chain is poised to take on future challenges as demand on the network increases.

The 3 purposefully defined protocols to meet the objectives of Druid Chain in building the infrastructure to assist in developing a sustainable financial system are:
Data Protocols
Druid Data Protocol defines the data collection and verification process for verifiable impact claims on the Druid Chain.
Identity Protocols
Druid Identity Protocol defines everything from legal and regulatory requirements of investors to verifying the authenticity of impact claims.
Securitization Protocols
Druid Securitization Protocol defines the legal and regulatory requirements of tokens in each jurisdiction a financial product is transacted in.