Druid Green
Nature-based carbon offset tokens are the first digital securities backed by real-world assets to be launched on the Druid Chain to leverage dynamic environmental, social, and governance data, monitoring and reporting.
30% of global CO2 emissions are caused by deforestation and forest degradation. To reach net-zero, reversion of deforestation and forest degradation is critical.
Nature-based carbon offset credits allow financial capital to be deployed by corporate emitters to protect and grow forests, sequester carbon and reduce the emitter's impact on climate.
By facilitating investment into nature-based carbon credit projects that produce carbon-offset credits year-over-year, Druid Green goes much further than simply registering existing offsets on a blockchain.
Nature-based carbon offset credits and blockchain technology provide a complete platform to provide the much-needed solution for net-zero corporate strategy while improving the lives of people affected by climate change the most.
Sequester Carbon
Sequester carbon to combat climate change as a key component of net-zero corporate strategy.
Local Communities
Provide economic support to people and communities most impacted by climate change.
Provide an economic incentive for local communities to choose conservation and forest growth over other land use decisions.
Protect Life
Protect life and biodiversity contained in primary forests of the world to enhance carbon sequestration efforts further.
Leverage sensors to capture in real-time the conditions of nature-based assets and store them on the blockchain.
Quickly and accurately turn real-world data into high fidelity and precise environmental and social impact reporting.