Securitization Protocol
Blockchain or distributed ledger technology opens up a whole new way to automate everything from acquiring and selling to the operation and governance of securities tokens. Unfortunately, existing blockchain networks are limited by the lack of rudimentary functionality that an issuer or investor needs to comply with laws and regulations within their jurisdiction.
Financial Primitives

Druid Securitization Protocols provides financial primitives to manage security tokens across different jurisdictions and enforce appropriate rules for creating, issuing and trading while also providing the capacity to manage necessary complex restrictions and distribution on-chain.


Druid Chain automates the compliance processes in real-time to simplify the reporting, tracking and transferring of assets. This removes the complexity of dealing with regulators and reduces the operational costs for the issuer.

Apart from the complex compliance and regulatory requirements, the protocol also provides the capacity to manage and scrutinise all necessary restrictions and processes.
Record Keeping
One of the fundamental reasons for using blockchain technology is its ability to keep an immutable datastore, preventing bad actors from altering its values.
Anyone can perform audits using available smart contracts and the financial primitives built into the network to perform the needed audit.
The protocol allows each stage of the securitization process to be performed and validated on-chain to ensure legal and regulatory requirements.