Druid Hub
Druid Hub helps all stakeholders manage digital assets, interact with smart contracts via decentralized applications (dApps), vote on proposals, and communicate with stakeholders on the Druid Chain.
Global nature-based assets are tokenized to provide the transparency, accountability, and deep ESG monitoring and reporting of the Druid Chain, as well as liquidity, discoverability, compliance, and other market enhancements.
Decentralized Applications
The strength of Druid Chain is its smart contracts. Druid Hub allows stakeholders to interact with any smart contract via their respective decentralized applications available right from the hub.
Druid Chain is a collaborative effort between people and organizations wishing for a better future. As such, we are building an online community of academics, technologists and advocates to further our shared goals.
The Druid Hub has everything from transacting on the network to communicating with stakeholders. Our mission is to bring the necessary list of features to ensure everything is transparent and accessible.
Directly purchase the native coin or tokens with fiat currency or a stablecoin.
Transact on the network with authorized stakeholders to buy and sell nature-based assets.
Staking will be introduced as part of the effort to make Druid Chain a fully decentralized network governed by a DAO.
Vote directly or delegate your vote to someone else on all proposals or simply observe what is happening.
All your communication can be performed through the network between hub holders instead of using 3rd party applications.
Create, update or query oracle data right from the hub by interacting with the appropriate dapp.